social justice

I can’t believe the spring semester is already half over. Things are moving at light speed. I have not had time to breath never mind blog but I thought I’d give a quick update on a few things I’ve worked on. Two out of the four visiting designers (Jonathan Barnbrook and Jan Van Toorn) have come and gone. It’s been a great experience. I’m not sure if it was planed or just coincidence but both workshops had a social justice/human rights theme with an awareness poster as the final project. The Barnbrook workshop posters are anti ads in reaction to the Chevron, We Agree Ad campaign and the Jan Van Toorn workshop posters were dealing with the human right for fresh drinking water and sanitation around the world. I worked with fellow classmate Adam Lucas on the water rights poster. It was a a great collaboration. Enjoy!

water rights poster

water rights poster

james and adam

Chevron Anti Ad

Chevron Anti Ad 2

barnbrook class