the name game

A long list of names I’ve been toying with for my thesis. I think—I mean I know—I like where I’m at, I think…

Current title: 4/15

Please Keep in Sight
A Graphic Design Methodology

Active Passenger
A Graphic Design Methodology

Form Dialogue
A Graphic Design Methodology


An empirical method through the lens of graphic design

Alternative list:
active awareness: everyday graphic design
bit by bit
blink. slice. shutter. capture
design conciseness
designing something out of everything
discovering everyday
every unfound day
extra-ordinary: a closer look at the everyday
fleeting flicker
fleeting glimpse
form. transform. reform
frame by frame
fresh eyes: seeing design for the 1st time everyday
from still to moving and back again
how do you stay aware when life moves by so fast?
in plain sight
integration transformation/translation
making something out of everything
moments between moments
narratives of the everyday
new morning: ordinary through the lens of extraordinary
observation conveyor
obviously ambiguous: graphic design in the everyday
present-mind design: awareness of the everyday
static kinetic design
stillness in motion: graphic design beyond the printed matter
transformation communication: capturing the ephemeral of the everyday
unfound: everyday graphic design
unique ubiquité
visual journal