I am. They are. We are. Traveling.

Inspired by my daily commute from Boston to Providence via MBTA commuter rail during my first semester at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Course: The Urgent Vignette
Instructor: Cavan Huang
Fall Semester: December 2010

Video, Kinetic Typography, still photos, all footage shot with Canon 7D, and edited in Adobe After Effects

A huge thank you to David Ricard for providing the original music

Daily Monster

I recently saw Steven G. Bucher speak at the AIGA Make | Think conference in Memphis. He is a really cool guy. His lecture is available on the AIGA website. Enjoy

letterpress save the date

As you may have seen in my previous posts I’ve been working on invitations for my brothers multiple bachelor  parties. But it’s not just about bachelor parties there’s actually wedding happening. Sean + Julie are getting married September 19th, at least thats what it says on the save the date – I hope it’s not a typo. I’ve been charged with designing their save the date and invitation wedding collateral. It’s been a fun process and I’ve really enjoyed working with Rob Charlton at Goosefish Press in South Boston. Below are some images of the save the date and the block from the press. The invite is in production. Be on the look out for those images when it’s finished. Enjoy.

No Parking!

The Parking signs in my neighborhood are terrible. It’s about the worst hierarchy I’ve ever seen. I have this theory it’s done on purpose to increase revenue for the city. Why is it that the largest type on the sign is “Street Cleaning”? Does any one care that it’s street cleaning? No, people want to know what day they can or can not park on the street. I’m trying to find out who is in charge of this and I’d be willing to offer my design services to help this situation. See my suggestion below and let me know if you think this is a better solution.

Apparently Boston is not the only city with these problems. See this recent post from the New York Times.

font vs. font

This week I had a conversation with a client about the readability of a font verses another font and which was better? It was Filosofia vs. Minion Pro. The thing is both of theses fonts are fine and it’s not about the font… well it is about the font but it’s a lot more. It’s about composition, texture, density, value, color, proportion, leading, kerning, line length,  line breaks, rags, “design”. It’s also about the AMOUNT of text just because you want to say everything doesn’t mean you should. If you make the page difficult to read no one will read it! How do you explain this all to a person over the phone who has no design background, they just want to make the font bigger? I try over and over to explain to clients the importance of typography. It’s like a car. I don’t expect people to exactly understand how it works but a Mercedes rides better than a Kia and if you had the choice you would drive the Mercedes. I hope my design speaks for itself and communicates clearly, and it usually does until the client says “make the font bigger” or “we need to add more copy”. I’m not sure the answer to this? I guess I need to keep producing and let the work speak for itself… I’d love more insight.