for the dogs

Last weekend I was up in Vermont (again). It was snowy and cold, a perfect time for sled dog racing. I’ve never seen a sled dog race; I found it fascinating. Although I struggled with seeing the dogs tied up, they seemed like they were so happy once they started running; it was as if it was their purpose. I captured some images. I wish you could have heard them all barking, but I’m sure you can imagine. Enjoy!

physical (and light) graffiti

Over the New Year I went to South America. There was endless inspiration on the trip, but one place that really stands out is Valparaiso, Chile. Graffiti is everywhere in Valparaiso, it’s part of their vernacular. I documented many examples of these ever changing murals on the walls and buildings in the hills of Valparaiso. On New Years Eve Valparaiso has a spectacular fireworks display. With long exposures, my camera captured the light and motion of the fireworks. I thought of the gestures by the graffiti artists then capturing these images. I think the juxtapositions of these two techniques complement each other beautifully. I hope you enjoy.