Catfish Cards

Last week I received samples of the new business card I designed for my brother; Catfish Hunter, Musician & Entertainer located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I have been designing business cards, album covers, and swag for him since I was in high school. I love doing work for my brother, and although I don’t get paid, he lets me do whatever I want. I really push him to let me know if he needs anything because sometimes he does things without consulting me. Below are the last 3 generations of the card, starting with the latest, which I had printed digitally by 4by6 on their recycled house sheet. They came out really well (for an online printer). The second round was printed by Artcraft on Cranes Palette collection; Limon, Aqua, and Coral. I was lucky enough to have that paper donated to me. No such luck this time around. I decided to change the look of the card and print it 2 sided for a fraction of what it would have cost me to re print the old cards. The bottom card is an example of what happens when my brother does things on his own. Catfish, you are an incredible musician, but please leave the design to me.