Hélène Cixous, Without End — no — State of Drawingness — no, rather: The Executioner’s Taking off

In an attempt to put some writing up here is a recent response to a reading by Hélène Cixous.

This article was again very timely within this later stage of writing my thesis. I just finished my eighteenth version of my abstract and my thirty-seventh thesis title+: I was totally finished three versions and two blog posts ago. Now I feel like it’s finally going in the right direction, or so I think. I love how Cixous uses the analogy of writing and drawing, but I’m not sure if I totally relate to it. I believe writing and drawing are both iterative processes, but for me, drawing is a much more liberating experience. Literary and linguistic structures inhibit my writing process even though I know that I must keep writing even if it is out of my comfort zone. As Cixous states …as soon as we draw, as soon as we follow the pen, we advance into the unknown1… I agree with and enjoy this metaphor, but I wish I could feel as comfortable exploring with the written word as I do with the drawing process. I like how I’m writing right now. I enjoy free-associating and writing about my struggle with the writing process. It feels honest and liberating, using writing as a sketch with no particular purpose or end. I like when Cixous observes …to think there are those who seek the finished. Those who seek to portray clearly; the most properly.2 My thesis is one of methodology and not process, although process is involved. I enjoy the distinct definitions between the two: Methodology, a body of methods, rules, and postulates that a discipline employs: a particular procedure or set of procedures. Process a series of actions or operations bringing about an end to an end; also, in manufacturing, a continuous operation or treatment. In other words, a methodology is a box of tools to be used however/whenever one wishes. A process is an instruction book, the step-by-step kind. I am not necessarily looking for a finished outcome but for an action that will inspire someone else to take the next step in the method.

1-2 Hélène Cixous, Without End — no — State of Drawingness — no, rather: The Executioner’s Taking off

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