Bachelor Party Invites and the Simpsons

I guess it’s uncommon to send invitations for a Bachelor party? Apparently guys don’t need invitations; we somehow have the ability to know when and where a party is? I get that feeling based on all the flack I’m getting from my guy/girl friends. But being a type A graphic designer there was no option. I designed my brother’s bachelor party invites and sent them out today. I was so happy to find that the USPS just released the 44 cent Simpsons’ stamps! I think these stamps are the perfect accompaniment to my brother’s bachelor party invitation – 1. because he loves the Simpsons – 2. it makes it a little less “girly”, I guess?

Bachelor Party Invite

Bachelor Party Invite

Simpson's Stamps

Simpsons Stamps


  1. I like the simpsons stamps idea. They look good!

  2. And who is Sean’s husband to be?

  3. Roberta Smith reviews Simpson postage stamps–compares favorably with Warhol and Serra (via @DesignObserver)


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