Color inspiration

Last weekend I was going through my mothers basement and I found my Color-Aid book from College and an old Bustanoby’s color manual. These things have been in hiding for too long. I love everything about both of these items; the way they smell, feel, look. With all the complications going on in the world the thing I love most about these are how simple they are. They are so simple and innocent, yet what you can do with color theory and these color swatches are endless. Now I’m stressed out again. O well, enjoy.


  1. jimmygibson says:

    Good Lord, I remember Color-aid; I wanted to put it under my pillow at night so I could fall asleep smelling it, and I would imagine what each color would taste like as if it were Kool-aid! Oy vay, the fonts that were cut out of that stuff back in the day!

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